Commit b84e9c56 authored by Martin's avatar Martin
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fixed bugs regarding retry and timeout

parent da8a0f21
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ def run():
log.error(f"Not implemented check type {chk_type}")
runner = CheckRunner(chk, args['--expects'], options)
runner = CheckRunner(chk, args['--expects'], options, args['--retry'], args['--timeout'])
if runner and runner.results:
......@@ -37,12 +37,13 @@ class CheckRunner(object):
log = logging.getLogger('RUNNER')
def __init__(self, check: BaseCheck, expects: typing.List[str], options: typing.Dict[str, typing.Any], repeats: int=1, timeout: int=None):
def __init__(self, check: BaseCheck, expects: typing.List[str], options: typing.Dict[str, typing.Any], retries: int=1, timeout: int=None):
self._expects = None # property
self.check = check
self.expects = expects
self.options = options
self.repeats = min(1, repeats)
self.timeout = min(0, timeout) if timeout else None
self.retries = max(1, int(retries))
self.timeout = max(0, int(timeout)) if timeout else None
self._compiled_expects = None
self.expect_results = None
......@@ -53,12 +54,21 @@ class CheckRunner(object):
def results(self) -> typing.Dict[str, typing.Any]:
return self.check.results
def expects(self) -> typing.List[str]:
return self._expects if hasattr(self, '_expects') else None
def expects(self, expects):
self._expects = expects
def run(self):
self.expect_success = self.success = False
for attempt in range(self.repeats):
for attempt in range(1, self.retries + 1):"Attempt {attempt}/{self.retries}")
......@@ -68,14 +78,19 @@ class CheckRunner(object):
if self.success:
self.log.warn(f"Attempt {attempt} failed.", "Retrying..." if attempt < self.repeats else "Stop retrying.")
self.log.warn(' '.join([f"Attempt {attempt} failed.", "Retrying..." if attempt < self.retries else "Stop."]))
return self.success
def compile(self):
"""compiles the expect handlers."""
if self._compiled_expects or not self.expects:
if not self.expects:
# no expects available
self._compiled_expects = []
if self._compiled_expects:
# expects already compiled or no expects available
......@@ -97,8 +112,8 @@ class CheckRunner(object):
except exceptions.ChksrvTimeoutError:
self.log.error("Check timed out.", exc_info=False)
self.check.results['results'] = False # required for later signalling
self.log.error(f"Check timed out after {self.timeout} seconds.", exc_info=False)
self.check.results['results'] = False # set check fail state
if self.timeout:
......@@ -106,7 +121,7 @@ class CheckRunner(object):
def evaluate_expects(self):
if not self.results:
self.log.error("There are not results from the check. Did it run?")
self.log.error("There are no results from the check. Did it run?")
raise exceptions.ChksrvNotReadyError("There are not results from the check.")
if not self._compiled_expects:
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